Bohlsen Restaurant Group

  • For BRG's Beachtree Restaurant - a big, open, friendly design with a can't-miss presentation of promos on the home page.
  • "The Audi App" built by Bullfrog enables BRG managers to conduct audits and opening/closing checklists easily using their mobile phones. Admins back at the home office can track these submissions in real time. Cool beans.
  • Fans of the Bohlsen Restaurant Group check in on the mobile "BRG Events App" built by Bullfrog to find out what is happening today, or tomorrow, or next week at any of their facilities. Sweet!

  • The website Events Calendars and the Mobile Events App for all eight of their facilities are all kept up-to-date through one simple-to-use database interface that we built for them. Easy.
  • How to maintain a single brand identity - BRG: The Bohlsen Restaurant Group - which contains multiple individual brand identities - including their various restaurants and catering facilities