Shoreline Beverage

  • Custom "Check-In" App
    If at the physical store, this mobile app will serve up a promo discount on your smart phone.
    If not at the store...get there!
  • One website all good on desktop, tablet, mobile
  • The "TAP APP" we created for Shoreline is truly a multi-media phenomenon - one update-able file powers an entire range of displays showing what is currently on tap at the Shoreline Growler Station. This one file updates the website, the mobile "Tap App," the Shoreline Facebook page, and the in-store TV that is mounted right over the taps themselves!
    Beer geek heaven!
  • When clients say they want it to "pop" - I think they mean like this postcard.
  • Geo-branded them as best place "on Long Island" to get beer
    (and, oh yeah, other beverages...)